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Deep in the heart of the Kingdom of Mumhan, the legendary King Brian Boru has brought an ancient brotherhood back to life: The Fianna. Now entering his senescence, King Brian has all but achieved his dream of becoming High King of all of Éire. He will need the aid of the kingdom’s best warriors to complete his vision.

Set against the turbulent landscape of 11th-century Ireland, Song of the Fianna brings to life the vibrant Irish culture through a legendary band of warriors.

New Fantasy Release!

Join Miirik and Rasvim in a magical fantasy romance! This enemies-to-lovers, hidden identity academy romance is a perfect escape during the chilly winter months.

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The woman who broke his heart just walked back into his life.

Join Dallan and Niamh in a romance filled with true love, painful secrets, and second chances in the second book of the Warriors of the Fianna.

Seasons of Scotland

Grab a cup of tea, fall into your favorite armchair, and fall in love with a cast of larger-than-life characters on their spirited misadventures. Seasons of Scotland follows the story of three Highland clans over the course of one year as they face the political turmoil of twelfth-century Scotland, all while their warriors are busy falling head-over-heels in love. From poorly planned escapes to murder attempts and everything in between, it’s lucky for our band of Highlanders and their lasses that love does indeed conquer all.