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Decorating a Castle

Decorating a Castle

Welcome back to the blog! Today's post is all about what it might have looked like inside a castle. Specifically, we'll be talking about walls!  BackgroundI have read a lot of history books and primary texts. A LOT OF THEM, guys. I went to graduate school for...

Mary Morgan Visits the Blog!

Mary Morgan Visits the Blog!

Boy do I have a treat for you! Today author Mary Morgan is guest posting on the blog! She's prepared a delicious Viking recipe for us, and we've got a tantalizing excerpt from her newest release, Rorik. If Mary is a new-to-you author, I highly recommend checking out...

Fun Facts: Knighthood

'The Accolade' by Edmund Leighton  Hello! I'm so glad you could stop by! In today's blog post, we'll be chatting a bit about knighthood in the Middle Ages, particularly the ceremony of knighting. In the course of researching my upcoming book, A Sizzling Summer, I had...

A Scandalous Spring Available June 12!

A Scandalous Spring Available June 12!

It's almost release day! I'm so excited to share this newest Seasons of Scotland book with you! I just love Sybilla and Fintan's romance, and I hope you do, too. One of the best parts of A Scandalous Spring is that so many of the characters from my other books get to...

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop – Bonus Scenes

Welcome to our special Valentine's Day Blog Hop! First, I want to send a big thank-you to A.S. Fenichel for connecting to us! If you didn't see her post yet, be sure to read it here. Next, here's the special treat we have for you today! For Valentine's Day only, each...

Handfasting, Marriage, & Divorce

One of my beta readers asked an interesting question after reading my novella, To Love a Laird. Alec, the hero of the story, was already married once before. Does he need a divorce? How could he marry the heroine without special dispensation? Let's find out! If you're...

A Highland Autumn Out Now!

Ronan Calder, eldest son of Clan Calder's laird, is going to stay as far away from marriage as he can get. After losing his mother and beloved sister during childbirth, Ronan knows there is no way he could ever inflict such a fate upon any woman. Things get a little...

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