A Highland Autumn

Seasons of Scotland Book 1

When a Highlander who won’t marry…

The last thing Ronan Calder needs is marriage. He’s got enough to worry about without a wife. After losing his sister and mother in childbirth, he has no desire to relive such tragedy or to inflict it upon another woman he loves. If he could convince his father as much, everything would go according to plan.

Unfortunately, his brutish father insists on parading potential wives before him as often as he can arrange it. Not once has a single simpering lass captured his attention. Not once, that is, until Ronan mistakes the clan’s new scholar for his father’s latest attempt to sway him to marry.

Meets the only woman who’s ever tempted him…

Barred from study at Oxford because she is a woman, Adelina Matheson ventures deep in the Scottish Highlands to prove herself a true scholar. Sparks fly when the laird’s son mistakes her for his future bride–before he discovers her true identity, that is. With her heart pulling her toward Ronan, Adelina knows she’s risking her future. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s also risking her life.

Their love threatens to destroy everything.

As their worlds collide in a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and passion, Ronan and Adelina must decide if their love is worth the incredible cost.

A Highland Autumn is a forbidden love, noble/commoner, steamy medieval Highland romance. It can be read as a standalone, or as the first book in the Seasons of Scotland series.