Of Shadows & Starlight

Sunder the Stars Book 1

Miirik Si’rith spent the entirety of her twenty years knowing she would never be enough. The disappointing descendent of powerful goddesses, her powers still haven’t manifested.

The granddaughter of the Goddess of Magic with no magic to speak of.

When Miirik is wounded while fighting one of the dragon invaders, her magic finally appears–and with it, the realization that her entire life has been a lie. She escapes to the Kelyrian Academy under a pseudonym to hone her newfound talents in blissful anonymity. 

As she learns to control her magic and struggles to catch up with the other students, Miirik discovers a glittering world of spells and secrets, where everyone is watching and no one can be trusted. Especially Ardos, the only student in the academy who can tell that she’s hiding something. Miirik’s first instinct is to avoid him and spare herself from his scrutiny altogether.

But Miirik knows that Ardos is hiding something, too.

When a dragon shifter is discovered amongst the academy’s students and a plot to murder the gods arises, chaos erupts in the city. Now Miirik must continue to hide her identity to protect her life as they hunt down the godslayer, and the secrets Ardos keeps could become her salvation or her demise.

Of Shadows & Starlight is a spicy enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance with a HEA. The fantasy plot continues in the next book.

Of Death & Desire

Sunder the Stars Book 2

More details on Denocta & Hiralm’s story coming soon!