A Scandalous Spring


*Signed Limited Edition Paperback!* When a Highlander who needs to settle down meets a lass hell-bent on adventure, scandalous misadventures ensue in this fun Highland romance.

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A Highlander who needs to settle down…

Fintan mac Gille never expected to be raising five children alone. Yet after his mother’s unexpected death, the responsibility of caring for all of his younger siblings fell heavily on his shoulders. All he wants is to provide for his family, but he can’t do it alone.

When his laird sends him on a mission to escort kin safely home, Fintan finds himself caught in a whirlwind of scandal revolving around one tempestuous, golden-haired beauty: Lady Sybilla Blakewell. Is she the answer to his prayers or his biggest problem yet?

Falls for a lass who craves adventure…

Sybilla lives in a cage of her father’s fears. Is she permitted to help manage the household? Nope. What about walking around unescorted? Definitely not. Just as she begins to give up hope of ever escaping her misery, opportunity arrives. On horseback. Wearing a plaid.

If only Fintan mac Gille would cooperate, Sybilla would finally have her freedom. Will she convince him to help her before she’s trapped yet again?


If you love strong Highlanders and stories filled with family, you’ll love this steamy Scottish romance.


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