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Welcome to our special Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

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Next, here’s the special treat we have for you today! For Valentine’s Day only, each author on the hop has posted a short, original scene just for this event. That’s right – you haven’t read any of these scenes before!

All fifteen participating authors have posted a bit of original fiction involving the characters of one–or some–of the author’s books. Comment to be entered to win a gift card—and most stops will offer a prize for that site only. Hop to the next author and repeat!

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I chose to write a scene featuring Ronan and Adelina, the hero and heroine of my first book, A Highland Autumn. I imagined this happening after their first kiss, but before the action really takes off. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

Ronan had to go to the library. Most days, he went for his morning Latin lesson and left promptly, staying far away until the following morn.

It would be fine, he assured himself. All he had to do was retrieve last year’s records and he’d be on his way back.

The trouble, of course, was that the laird’s new advisor was in the library. The laird’s feisty, red-haired, blue-eyed, witty new advisor. Temptation incarnate.

Whom Ronan might have kissed once on accident. Just because he’d kissed her once did not mean ‘twould happen again. He’d be sure of that.

The fact remained that she was entirely unsuitable. She was English. She was common-born. She was a woman doing a man’s work. His father, Laird Calder, hated her. Ronan was already betrothed to a woman of his father’s choosing. The list went on.

But somehow, every time she laid those sky-blue eyes on him for a proper tongue-lashing, Ronan forgot Adelina could not be his.

Taking a long, deep breath and reminding himself for the fiftieth time that morning to keep his hands off her, Ronan opened the door to the large stone cottage that served as Clan Calder’s library.

Adelina sat at a table poring over an unrolled parchment. She was so engrossed in her reading that she didn’t even notice the door open.

Ronan made absolutely certain not to look at the sunlight streaming through the window. That way he wouldn’t see the strands of shimmery copper and bronze it highlighted in Adelina’s fiery tresses. He shut the door loudly behind him, breaking her concentration.

“You’re back?” She stood, moving toward him. “Did you forget something after this morning’s lesson?”

He cleared his throat. “The laird asked for last year’s records,” he replied. “Apparently there were no errand boys to see to the task, so here I am.”

“I see.” She narrowed her eyes at him, biting her bottom lip in thought.

The same lip Ronan had tasted not so very long ago.

“Well,” she said, spinning around and marching behind a tall shelf, “I think Brother Gilbert said they were over here.” Her fingers tumbled over the rough parchments, as though by feeling them she could divine their contents. “I must admit, I haven’t had much reason to look for them yet.”

After opening several rolled parchments and lifting a few that had been laid flat, a bright smile lit her face. “Is this it?”

Ronan glanced at the top of the sheet without getting any closer to Adelina. “Aye,” he mumbled. “Thank you, lass.”

She handed him the roll of parchment, walking back toward her work table without another word. Ignoring him.

She even had the gall to turn her back to him, holding herself at arm’s length from the table to return to her studies.

He knew it shouldn’t upset him. But it did.

“What are you doing?” he growled, unable to keep the frustration from his voice.

Adelina turned, leaning back against the table. “I’m reading,” she shot back. “I believe you’re familiar with the practice.”

Lord, she had a mouth on her. And he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

“I mean, why did you walk away from me?” Instinctively, as though to prove his point, he moved toward her.

She raised her eyebrows. “What else would you have me do?” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I never know whether you’re going to shout at me or try to charm me out of my skirts.”

“Which do you prefer?” God’s bones, what was he doing?

The lass didn’t even flinch at his question. Nay, she looked him dead in the eyes, pinning him with her ice-blue gaze, challenging him even before she spoke. “Which do you prefer?”

Desire raged within him. Ronan closed the space between them, dropping his parchment so that his hands could grip the feminine curves of her waist. Lifting her onto the table, he raised one hand to her cheek.

“‘Tis the one I prefer as well,” Adelina offered quietly.

Ronan’s thumb traced her smooth lips, caressing each one while he remembered the sweetness of her kiss.

The breath caught in her throat as his hand cupped her face. “Are you going to kiss me?”

“You know I can’t.”

The words hung between them for only a moment before Ronan knew he had to leave. He’d already lingered far too long. When he was near Adelina, reason abandoned him.

He saw the same need in her eyes as he felt burning through his chest. Without another thought, he dropped his hand, turned away from her, and strode out the door.

Really, that had gone remarkably well. He took the steps to the great hall two at a time, basking in the knowledge that he had finally been strong enough to resist her pull. But then he looked down, and noticed his hands were empty.

He’d left the scroll.

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When the laird’s off-limits son meets a tempting English scholar, their fight for forbidden love threatens the entire clan…

Ronan Calder, eldest son of Clan Calder’s laird, is going to stay as far away from marriage as he can get. After losing his mother and beloved sister during childbirth, Ronan knows there is no way he could ever inflict such a fate upon any woman. Things get a little complicated when he meets the enchanting new scholar and mistakes her for his future bride.

Adelina Matheson has every intention of becoming the first female scholar at Oxford, and the quick wit to prove it. The only thing she’s missing is permission to attend lectures. When the masters challenge Adelina to serve as advisor to a Highland laird in exchange for entry, she is left with little choice. She agrees to the challenge – surely she can manage such a simple task to prove herself.

Except that once Adelina arrives at Calder Keep, she realizes that nothing about her task is simple. She must battle her alarming attraction to the laird’s handsome son while enduring the laird’s beastly temper. The only other Englishwoman is also her competition for Ronan’s affection, and the entire clan is under threat of attack at the upcoming Samhain celebration. Can Ronan and Adelina put aside their personal troubles and save Clan Calder, or will they doom the entire clan?

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